Farm Tours Every Saturday in October

Posted on September 24, 2017 by Thomas Cunningham

Each Saturday at 11AM, we will have a tour of our farm, exploring the different components of our all natural method of farming.  We will cover the underlying premise of the farms environmentally sensitive basis, and then visit peeps, turkeys, ducks, layers, broilers, cattle, and pigs. Please bring sturdy walking shoes you don't mind getting dirty.   The tour is about 60 minutes in duration.  No reservation is required.  Tour pricing Adults $15, Children $5. Family Maximum is $30.  Children under five are free.

At 12:30, we will have a cow milking class.  The objective of the class is to teach the student how to milk a cow.  The class is done in a group format.  We will also discuss milk storage and dairy product making.  This tour is 90 minutes in duration. Tour pricing $20 each adult or child. No reservation is required. If you just want to watch and not really learn to milk yourself, the fee is Adult $15, Children $5.  Family Maximum is $30.