About Us

We are open this summer on Friday from 2PM to 7PM and on Saturdays from 10AM until 5PM. If another time would be more convenient for you, please email us or call to assure someone will be there to assist you.

4979 Sheppard Lane
Ellicott City, MD 21042


The goal of our farm is to go beyond organic.  By that we mean that we use the latest and greatest best practices in the ethical and responsible treatment of the farm animals and the employees.  At the same time, we aim to produce excellent forage and supplements for all animals.  We do this by starting with the soil first.  

Mary’s Land Farm is undergoing a dramatic transformation.

  • Our goal is to create a 160 acre balanced ecosystem of perennial plants and pasture that provides more food per acre than a standard monoculture farm.
  • We want to accomplish this with standards that go beyond organic principles, and we want to use a minimal amount of fossil fuels.
  • Our current products include chicken, pork, beef, lamb, duck eggs and chicken eggs. As our perennial plants develop, we intend to provide nuts, berries, grapes, vegetables and fruit to the local market.

If you visit our farm, the first thing you will probably notice is a tall 8 foot fence. The fence is just high enough to keep deer off of the property. Deer are a relatively new keystone species in Maryland. There were probably less than 80,000 deer in the US when Columbus sailed. Today there are millions of deer. They have a dramatic effect on the woodlands throughout Maryland and many other states. Basically, what lives in the understory of Maryland woodlands are the plants deer like to eat least. In order to create a balanced environment and restore native plants to our woods, we need to keep the deer out. 

Once on the property, you’ll probably notice swales and berms. Our goal is to keep the water on our property and out of Maryland’s overflowing and corroding waterways. Keeping water on the farm helps our plants and livestock and it helps to Save the Bay.

You will also notice all of the animals out on pasture or pigs in the woodlands. None of the animals are contained during the Spring, Summer, and Fall when they are much happier out grazing.

No chemicals or herbicides are used on the farm. The goal is to go beyond organic.

You can read more about our farm on our  blog.