Field Trips

Education is our passion.

Field trips will be available starting April 1, 2017

The themes will be adjusted to the grade level visiting the farm.

1. Pizza Harvest:  Visit our 1 acre living pizza.  Each "slice" of the pizza has a different ingredient in a pizza.  For example, there is a tomato slice, an herb slice, wheat slice, cows slice for cheese, etc.

2. Permaculture - “permanent agriculture” is our method of farming. We are building a farm system that works with nature. Permaculture is about the responsible care of animals, the environment, and the people that work them.

3. Where does water come from? Through a tour of both a spring house, a well with a manual pump, a marble confined aquifer, and a stream we talk about how farmers old and new acquired water and how water quality affects humans and livestock.

4. Later in the summer we will have completed an acre solar farm which will generate all of the power for the farm and the retail store.

Please call 410-849-4314 for more information or write