Free hay wagon rides for pumpkin picking is available all day on Saturdays from 10AM until 7PM starting September 30.

Please call ahead for reservations. Tours are on Saturdays from Spring to Fall. Other days and times may be available for groups of 5 or more.


For group or individual reservations, please call 410-849-4314 or

Tour 1: Permaculture Basics

Saturdays 9AM

Duration 90 minutes

Cost $15 Individual, $30 Family

Age Recommendation: 12 and up

Explore the ethics and design principles behind the permaculture movement while looking at some very practical examples of permaculture in action on our farm. Perhaps the Ellicott City flood wouldn’t have occurred if more attention was paid to permaculture principles.


Tour 2: Milking Exhibit

Saturdays 11AM (call) starting last week of August

Duration 30 minutes

Participant Cost $10 Individual, $20 Family

Viewer Not Participating is $5 Individual, $10 Family

Age Recommendation: All Ages

Learn how and why we milk Mozarella. our milking Devon. Why does a cow with horns gives milk? Witness a milking and then give a hand and milk with our assistance. What can be done with milk after it’s cooled?


Tour 3: Water: Our Most Precious Resource

Saturdays 1PM

Duration 60 minutes

Cost $10 Individual, $20 Family

Age Recommendation: All Ages

Hands-0n understanding of how one small spring enabled a 19th century dairy operation by providing water and keeping milk cold. Put your hands in the 57 degree tub, help crank up some water yourself. Explore a well sprung from Cockeysville marble, significant in building our country’s memorials.


Tour 4: Pizza Harvest

Saturdays Starting July 1

Duration 30 minutes

Cost $10 Individual, $20 Family

Age Recommendation: All Ages

Do pizzas come from boxes? Or factories? Or farms? We will show you around our living pizza to see all of the plants and animals that go into making a pizza.


We accept cash, MasterCard and Visa at the farm for our public tours.


Group Booking Policy

All reservations for groups of 10 or more require full payment at the time of booking the reservation.  Please have your credit card information ready when a Farm Tour reservationist calls you to confirm your reservation. If your plans change, you may modify your reservation up to 14 days prior to the original date booked and receive a full refund. Any cancellations that occur after 14 days prior to your scheduled tour date are non-refundable. Cancellations are considered to be a reduction to the number of guests or a cancellation of the entire reservation. Please note that permitted modifications are subject to availability and are limited to adding guests to the reservation or making changes to the tour time and date. Guests are encouraged to arrive early to enjoy the event before their tour time.


Groups under 10

For groups under 10 if you are planning to pay individually or in couples please let us know when you are requesting your reservation or speaking with the reservationist.