Fresh Turkey

Turkeys SOLD OUT! Those who ordered a turkey may come Tuseday 21, or Wednesday 22 from 12-5pm. 

Turkeys are raised on pasture on our farm in Ellicott City.  That means they are out on green, fertile pasture 7 days a week. At night they are secured from predators. 

They are fed an organic and soy-free grain that does not contain GMO grain.

We process the turkeys on site at the farm only a few days before Thanksgiving at which time they are available for pickup.  There is not a fresher, healthier turkey available for you this Thanksgiving!  Turkeys will be available on Tuesday November 21 and Wednesday November 22 for pickup.

They are broad breasted birds, sized from 12 to 20 lbs.  If you want a bigger bird over 20lbs, we highly suggest buying two of our small birds instead.  Smaller birds cook better in the oven as the heat penetrates those hard to reach areas better.


Turkey price is $6-7/lb.

Turkey Sizes:

Small 12-13
Medium 14-16
Large 17,18
X-Large 19,20+

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